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What you shóuld pay attention to when purchasing an air cónditioner. In the webshop, we have based our capacity calculation on a well insulated space with a sloping roof and little equipment. It is advised, not to take air conditioning with too little capacity because the air conditioning will then continuously run at full power to cool or heat the room and you also suffer the most from noise and it costs you too much electric and is at the expense of life.

If you have doubts about whether you choose the right capacity, read these tips.

Be aware that not always the lowest price of a certain capacity is the cheapest solution. All air conditioners are inverters with heat pump.

airco kopen en installeren

What are the differences between an on / off and inverter?

The technical difference between an on / off and an inverter controlled air conditioner is the control of the compressor motor. With an inverter, this motor will be infinitely variable in speed depending on the amount of cooling required. An on / off controlled engine will, as the name says, or off, or run at full power and this means that if the required cooling decreases (e.g. because the room is at the desired temperature) the engine turns on and off. Both controls cool fine, however, the inverter has a number of advantages over an on / off.

airco kopen en installeren

A split air-conditioning inverter with heat pump;

Is quieter, inside but also outside a constant low speed less noticeable than a full on and off unit. Is more energy-efficient because it has no peak voltages. Has a higher yield. Gives fewer / no fluctuations in the mains at start-up. Keep the temperature more constant. Can heat up to much lower outdoor temperatures with high efficiency, sometimes up to 15 degrees below zero depending on the quality of the unit.

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An on / off controlled split air conditioning with heat pump;

Is cheaper in purchase than an inverter. An on / off air conditioning unit can heat up to approximately 7 degrees above zero with good efficiency. Is easier to set up and therefore easier to repair if ever needed. Is generally written off earlier than an inverter.

What should you choose now, an inverter or an on / off air conditioner.

Because an on / off air conditioner is cheaper to buy and if you only occasionally use the air conditioner, you can choose this because it will take too long before you earn the more price back. You have to be aware that it makes more noise than an inverter and the location of the outdoor unit is very important, you do not want to bother yourself, but neither do your neighbors. Especially for a bedroom where it is very quiet you will hear the indoor unit better than the inside unit of an inverter.

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When can you best choose an inverter.

Are you very sensitive to noise. the outdoor unit will stand on the separation from the neighbors or hang or close to the terrace. Especially for the bedroom because it is a lot quieter. If you use the air conditioner frequently until you use it frequently, you can easily reclaim the additional cost.

Do you also have to cool in the winter, for example in a computer room because it can also cool very economically even at low outside temperatures. Do you also want to heat in the winter, because it can also be very economical at a lower outside temperature.

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